Building a New Home? Come with Ideas

Building a new home can be an overwhelming process. Building a home for the first time can be even more overwhelming with the amount of decisions that must be made – from small details such as what color of switch plates to the big details like what type of countertops. Kaizen Homes wants to let you in on a little secret: good builders like to follow the client’s lead. In other words, clients who come with ideas of what they want their home to look like makes building that new home easier for everyone and ultimately less overwhelming for the client.

Document and Organize Ideas Ahead of Time

When one decides to build a new home there’s a good chance that person already has some vague idea of what they want that house to look like. The best thing a client can do is begin documenting those ideas in some organized way. We are all think differently so organize your ideas for what makes the most sense to you. After you have chosen a builder for your project and decided upon a budget then you may find that along the way you will need to modify how you’re organizing selections based on the date it’s due or what the builder needs during specific phases of the project. Some builders use software systems that keep the whole project organized so you may be fortunate enough to be able to utilize a system already set in place. Be sure to ask builders if they use this software when doing interviews.

There are a magnitude of websites, magazines, television shows, apps and stores for finding good ideas for house design. A good suggestion is to find one outlet you prefer to use and stick with that. For instance, if you are a visual person then using Pinterest or Houzz to gather ideas may work best for you. These websites allow you to create “boards” or “ideabooks” and save or pin your favorite ideas in the form of pictures. They’re both very easy to use for organizing all your favorite house design ideas. If you’re more of a magazine kind of person and have collections at home then try making scrapbooks or folders with all your thoughts organized by room. This is also a great way to catalog your ideas for a new home. As builders, we appreciate the clear visual and style that can be depicted from clients who bring thorough ideas to the table as soon as we meet; and no detail is too small to share.

If you’re more of a tangible person, you can collect material samples at building supply stores such as tile, wood flooring, and paint colors for free. One could use labeled boxes to organize by room and place all sample materials in boxes. For materials that don’t come with a sample such as appliances, a person can take pictures at supply stores and add these photos to the appropriate boxes.

Floor Plans

The biggest design element is the shape and overall exterior look. The shape of the home determined by the floor plans can be bought from stock plans online or hire a design architect to draw custom plans. Either way you go, a great place to start gathering floor plans and exterior look ideas is the internet. Do a simple search for floor plans and numerous images will appear. Once again, Pinterest and Houzz are great places to gather ideas and where you can instantly save or pin. These websites make it simple and we’re all about the simple things at Kaizen Homes.

If building a new home is in the future for you then first of all congratulations! Designing and building a new home is very exciting. It also comes with making hundreds of decisions and as the builder we’re here to help. So get excited now and come with ideas from the teeny tiniest to the very biggest and show your builder that you are excited and serious about building a new home and that builder will appreciate all the effort and ultimately better execute your dream into reality.