Let’s face it - thinking about building a new house and actually building your new dream home are two very different processes. Kaizen Homes will walk you through each step systematically ensuring that the end result will be worth every penny of your investment.


  • Discovery:

    During the initial meeting, 1) we uncover what you need to make your house a dream home, and 2) ensure we're the right builder to execute the project.

  • Site visit:

    To get a better idea of the scope of your project, we will walk your property and assess the site difficulty, lot restrictions, and the best placement for your house.

  • Funding:

    At this point, we recommend you find appropriate funding for your build. Ideally, the design process will also begin at this stage, depending on your needs. You can use your own architect or one that we recommend. If you have existing designs you may provide them at this time.

  • Prep WorK:

    Survey work, grading, excavation, and tree clearing will begin.

  • Complete Plans:

    As prep work finishes, you will finalize the home plans with your architect or designer. Additionally, you can expect to make material selections, including roofing, siding options, interior and exterior details, kitchen cabinet layouts, flooring, trim, and even paint colors. This expedites the building process and steers the overall budgetary outcomes.

  • Build Estimate:

    Kaizen Homes will estimate the cost to build your home after receiving your formal plans from the architect.

  • Build Agreement:

    Once the Build Estimate has been approved, a Build Contract will be sent for signature. Upon signature, the Buildout process begins.


  • Permit:

    Once the permit has been approved and posted to the job site, building begins.

  • On Site Reviews:

    Periodically, we will request that you meet with us on site to review and discuss the progress.

  • Ongoing Client Communication:

    Throughout the building process, we encourage you to reach out to us both in person and through our communications platform CoConstruct. With this easy-to-use application for mobile and your desktop, we can coordinate selections and deliver progress updates in real time.

  • Building Completed:

    At this stage, the building phase has been completed and a certificate of occupancy is issued.


  • House Cleaned:

    We employ professional construction site cleaners to give your new home a thorough cleaning.

  • Punch list:

    At the completion, you and Kaizen will perform a thorough walk through of the house to look for any imperfections that need correction before move-in day. This is your chance to request any final changes.

  • Welcome Home:

    It’s time for us to hand over the keys and welcome you to your simply well built life.

Kaizen Homes Asheville custom home
Mountain house with large windows




Are you interested in living in sidewalk neighborhoods and a mindfully built home? Kaizen Homes offers one-on-one services throughout the building process. Contact us today.


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