Beautiful Home Exterior at Night

Show your Home some Love with a H.U.G.

Beautiful Home Exterior at Night

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and some are experiencing the post-holiday blahs leaving them feeling not so lovely.  During this time of the year, most are receiving less than ideal weather, keeping them indoors so why not use this time to assess your or your family’s needs and show your home some love?  At Kaizen Homes we’ve made the process super easy by using an acronym to help you know where to start when it comes to updating, cleaning, and ultimately showing your home some love – all you have to do is give it a H.U.G.

Show your home some love by paying some attention to the guts of the house. 

Hone in on Home Improvements

Assessing necessary home improvements is a process that should be performed periodically.  When taking time to compile a list of home improvements you’d like to perform, always keep in mind what tasks will maintain or increase your current Asheville home value. Tasks that can increase the home’s value could be:

  • Repainting the interior or exterior
  • Replace cabinets or at least repaint and re-stain
  • Fix any drywall cracks and repaint
  • Replace broken parts such as windows, doors, appliances, walls, etc.

Finally, if the home is in great shape and you feel that this is a time for additions or remodels then start planning!  Spring and summer is a busy time of the year for builders so make sure to contact one now to get on his/her calendar for larger projects like this.

Update and Upgrade

Sure, updating or upgrading your home will hopefully result in a better-looking home but ultimately you want an upgrade or update to also improve the value of your home.  Here are some ways to update that come with a decent return on investment.

Replace garage door and paint garage

Begin by assessing the garage floor.  Are there cracks or stains? If so, repair cracks where necessary and consider painting or staining the garage floor.

A clean, clutter-free garage will always increase the value of your home so consider installing shelving or racks for organizational purposes.

Finally, a well-maintained garage needs a secure door. If your garage door is more than a decade old then consider updating it with a new model.

Update major appliances

Show your home some love by paying some attention to the guts of the house. How efficient is your HVAC system and hot water system? Have your appliances been assessed recently and your energy bill seems to keep climbing then maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

Replacing an old roof will always increase the value of your home.

Have an Asheville heating and cooling specialist evaluate your current system and provide a quote for an updated, modern system that is more efficient.

More affordable updates that still provide some return on investment would include ceiling fans, light bulbs and fixtures, switch plates for lights, and vent covers.

Roof repairs are worth it

Let’s face it—doing work to a roof is never cheap. Whether your home needs a new roof or could use small improvements then always consider performing these tasks as soon as possible.  Replacing an old roof will always increase the value of your home. If the roof is considered part of the face of the house then this ultimate facelift will definitely be the love your home is looking for this Valentine’s.

Get Organized and Get Clean

If you want to show off your lovely home this year, make sure to clean up and get organized.  

Begin by taking one room at a time and make two piles – one for trash and one for donation.  Go room by room using this same method and give each room equal attention and love. The process will not be easy but it will be well worth every minute.

HUG your home

Hopefully by taking your time and implementing a plan for home improvements, updates and organizational changes your house will feel loved all year long.  Take our advice and use this acronym to share the love with one big H.U.G.:

Hone in on necessary home Improvements for a better home value

Update and upgrade where it is realistic

Get organized and Get clean