Home Hazards to Avoid this Holiday Season

It’s that magical time of year and let’s give ourselves some credit for making it extra magical this year – Santa can only do so much, right?  We all know the best holiday decorators never forget to include the following obligatory ingredients for a shimmering, shining, magical holiday season including:


  • CANDLES – yea, give us the real stuff!  Not those battery-powered fake window candles.
  • TREE.  Preferably the real kind that smells good.  They just happen to be extremely flammable and can cause possible allergy issues with some folks, but whatevs.
  • GIFTS.  Big ones, little ones, expensive ones and they all get delivered to the front porch while we’re away.


All joking aside, clearly the holidays come with a hefty amount of hazards to avoid if you want the festivities to go smoothly and not up in flames.  At Kaizen Homes, protecting the integrity of your home is always a top priority so we’ve put together these tips to keep your home and it’s occupants safe this holiday season.



According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, 45% of home decoration fires get started by candles.  Fire is one of the top risks during the months of December, January and February.  Always blow out candles before going to bed or leaving the home. Consider the location placement of candles that they are not close to curtains, Christmas trees or other flammable plants.  Finally, consider purchasing battery-powered candles as an alternative if the home has a lot of children or pets.



What could possibly go wrong with lights?  Ugh, should we mention fire first or falls risks first?

Lights that are frayed or damaged in some way should be disposed of immediately.  Don’t take chances and risk this holiday season going up in flames. Before hanging all lights, inspect for damage and replace as needed.  When hanging lights, always use indoor light inside and outdoor lights outside and use plastic insulated clips rather than nails or metal staples.

Never hang lights alone especially when hanging on roof overhangs or high railings in the event of a fall.


Choose the most appropriate show stopping tree for your home by considering any limitations your home may have such as:

  • People with allergies
  • Pets especially active kitties or curious dogs
  • Size of home

Sometimes using a fake tree is the best option for a safe holiday season.  If you have household members or holiday visitors with allergy problems and a real tree is still necessary then try lightly rinsing the tree with water and then apply a mold resistant spray before placing inside.

Use a spotter for decorating the taller parts of the tree; especially if a ladder or chair is necessary to reach for decreasing the risk for falls.


All homeowners with wood-burning fireplaces should have the fireplace and shoot inspected each year.  If necessary, repair any damage and clean the entire structure for safe burning through the winter season.  NEVER leave a fire unattended!  


The ability to order online and have items shipped to the home is a time saving junkies dream.  Unfortunately with presents sitting on front porches all day invites criminals to the home. Consider having gifts shipped to a neighbor’s home nearby that you can trust or consider installing some type of video monitoring system.  This way you can avoid the open invitation to criminals like Harry and Marv driving around looking for an opportunity this season.


A home safety plan should always exist within a home.  You should have an emergency evacuation plan in place during a fire or, god forbid, the event of a break-in.  You can never be too prepared for safety. By creating daily holiday hazard checklists to turn off all lights, blow out candles, exhaust fireplace fires and having gifts mailed to reliable pickup points you and your loved ones can be merry and bright all season without any worry.