Experience the Charm: Relaxing and Comfortable Modern Farmhouse Style with Kaizen Homes

Modern Farmhouse with Barn

When country style and farmhouse living are brought together, you have a beautiful and cozy aesthetic that won’t break the bank, Modern Farmhouse Style, And rest assured, you don’t have to live in the country to enjoy this stunning and versatile design trend. Instead, you just need an appreciation for rustic farmhouse decor options. Depending upon your preferences, farmhouse style homes can have a modern twist or be made to feel more traditional. If you’re in the process of building the farmhouse style home of your dreams and are looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got tips and tricks to take the farmhouse style theme to the next level.

Whether you’re looking to build a modern country farmhouse from the ground up or simply want to switch up your current decor, we’ve got ideas for you.

Creating a Modern Farmhouse Bathroom


Not sure you want to go all in on a farmhouse living room? Start simple with a chic, farmhouse style bathroom. For this space, consider keeping things bright and open with white paint and add shiplap to one of the walls to incorporate some texture. By keeping a neutral base, you have room to play around with fun patterns such as a tiled floor or backsplash. If you have the extra room, consider including a vintage clawfoot style bathtub to make the space look extra inviting.

While many people will put cupboards under their sink for storage, you might want to consider going with an exposed pipe look instead. Using some bronze paint can help give the pipes a rustic look to add to your modern farmhouse plan. Another way to switch things up is to opt out of a standard vanity and go with a farmhouse sink instead. Unlike traditional sinks, this could be a metal basin painted to fit the rest of the elements in the room.

Creating a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen


When you first begin to design the modern farmhouse kitchen of your dreams, start by thinking about your color palette. While you can go with whatever colors you want, many people trying to create the modern farmhouse style tend to go with more neutral colors like black and white, accompanied with light, reclaimed wood tones. Once you have this balance figured out, you can move on to the other design aspects of the room. The kitchen is a great place to incorporate different types of metals, for instance. Copper light fixtures, gold faucets, or silver cupboard handles could all be good options.

To add to the rustic feel, consider using wooden benches at the table instead of traditional chairs. If you need to add some additional seating in the kitchen, some country farmhouse barstools might do the trick. If you’re looking to save money, barstools are a popular DIY project. Find some plain wooden barstools at an antique store and paint them whatever color suits your style. To add to the country farmhouse feel, use sandpaper to create a vintage, distressed look.

Creating a Modern Farmhouse Bedroom


The bedroom is one of the easiest rooms of a home to imbue with a modern farmhouse style. When it comes to the bed, consider building a headboard out of repurposed wooden boards. Not only can it be done on a budget, the DIY nature will help contribute to the cozy urban farmhouse feel. No farmhouse bed is complete without an old fashioned quilt, so shop online or browse your local antique shops. Drape your find over the bedspread to add a pop of color to the room.

You don’t need to spend a fortune decorating a modern farmhouse bedroom. With this type of interior design style, it is easy to repurpose items and turn them into home decor. For example, a vintage milk pitcher could be turned into a vase to hold flowers, or an old glass tray could be used to hold jewelry. If you have a bathroom connected to your master bedroom, you may consider using a sliding barn door in between to add to the urban farmhouse feel.

Creating a Modern Farmhouse Living Room


The modern farmhouse style is intended to bring about a sense of comfort and relaxation, especially in places like the living room. Consider incorporating exposed wooden beams on the ceilings to add to the traditional farmhouse feel. In an existing house, instead of tearing into the ceiling to expose joists, you can even create fake beams that are virtually impossible to distinguish from the real thing.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, consider adding some shiplap around it or use a reclaimed wooden board to build your own fireplace mantle. Wood can be incorporated into many other areas of the room as well, whether in picture frames, coffee tables, or creative wall decor.

If you’re dealing with limited space and want your country farmhouse living room to feel more open, consider hanging up some vintage mirrors. This can instantly make the room feel much larger. While it can be easy to fill your home with lots of urban farmhouse decor, remember that this style is meant to remind you of the outdoors and open spaces, so try to avoid adding too much clutter.

Creating a Modern Farmhouse Dining Room


Because you and your family gather on a regular basis to share meals in the dining room, you want it to be as inviting as possible. Upholstered dining room chairs and a rug underneath the table will make a country farmhouse dining room extra comfy and luxurious.

Instead of hiding your more formal dishes and glassware in cabinets, you may prefer to put them on display by including a wooden dining hutch with glass doors or a repurposed dresser. And finally, when it comes to the main focus of the room, a rustic wooden farmhouse dining table can really pull everything together. You may even consider spicing it up with quilt placemats or a decorative table runner.

As you slowly take steps to bring your country farmhouse plans to life, don’t be afraid to mix both urban and traditional elements together. If you’ve kept your living room traditional, for example, consider adding a couple modern light fixtures to that room or an adjoining one to switch things up.

And if styling your existing home isn’t enough and you’re interested in building the modern farmhouse of your dreams, the team at Kaizen Homes is here to help. Bring your own farmhouse floor plans or have us help you draw them up. We know that building from the ground up comes with a daunting number of decisions, but we’re ready to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today!