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Richmond Hill’s Exciting New Bike Skills Trail Has Something For All Riders

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New Mountain Bike Skills Trail

Recently, mountain biking has seen an increase in activity related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Improved health awareness and increased physical activities are two favorable byproducts of this unprecedented time. Luckily for new riders, Pisgah Area SORBA and the City of Asheville teamed up to build a new mountain bike skills trail in West Asheville at Richmond Hill Park. Richmond Hill has an existing trail network of approximately 5 miles for hikers and bikers. Along with a popular disc golf course. In addition, the mountain bike skills park will add an additional 2500 LF to the trail system. Although the new trail length may seem short. Over 15+ mountain bike skills are featured on the trails that will build confidence to ride the challenging trails in Pisgah National Forest and Dupont Recreation area south of Asheville. 

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The trail will be broken into two segments. Allowing beginner riders to learn the skills concepts on the beginner loop and advance to the intermediate loop. Riders will be challenged with skinnier skinnies, taller drops, and bigger rolls.  In addition, there will be adequate viewing space on the side of each of the Richmond Hill bike trails. Excited parents can watch or snap awesome photos while kids put their new skills on display. The best part….it will be completely free to anyone wanting to ride in the Asheville area.

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How Asheville Communities Work Together

Richmond Hill Bike Skills Trail in Asheville, NC was a new type of trail build for Pisgah Area SORBA considering they spend most of their time maintaining trails in Pisgah National Forest.  Thankfully, with the partnership of the City of Asheville the two entities were able to pick the perfect location for a new mountain bike skills trail. The bike park was conceptualized with the help of trail builders, Nature Trails LLC.  Additional funding was a mixture of private donations, corporate donations, along with funding provided by Pisgah Area SORBA and the City of Asheville.  We found out that people love to donate to positive initiatives in their local community. The best part will be that the trails are free to access.


Construction began on the Richmond Hill bike trails in July 2020. Pisgah Area SORBA volunteer sawyers cleared the corridor sawyers. Next, the crew of Nature Trails made quick work of removing trees and brush from the trail. Without a doubt, August 2020 was a wet month building in Asheville. The Nature Trails crew remained steadfast and continued to shape the trail. Next, water mitigation methods were constructed. Finally, the features began to take shape. For example, earthen berms, boulders, various rock and wooden features and maybe even a tire roll or two. 

Abby and Jonathan Landry of Kaizen Homes were instrumental in fundraising and sourcing materials. Furthermore, we sourced materials from generous local suppliers who helped donate to the cause such as Newcomb Tree Service, Hedrick Quarry, Sunrise Sawmill, Hipps Stone, and T&K Utilities.  

Ride Your Bike

The projected completion date for the Richmond Hill bike skills trail in Asheville is October 2020.  You can visit or their FB page for updates on the park.  Hopefully by the time you read this, the park will be complete. You’ll be stoked to shred alongside the young, old, new, and advanced riders on the scene all while staying in town.

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